2 0 1 9....! Happy New Year? | Maryland Photographer


Happy April- Happy Fresh Start- Happy New Year?

Happy New Year seems so appropriate as i’ve had my head down working like a mad woman for the first quarter of 2019!

Feels like its been F O R E V E R since I last checked in and soo many amazing things have transpired since then!

One main thing is I AM MARRIED! Yes- i jumped the broom with the love of my life and newly wed bliss is still in full effect. We are quickly approaching our 6 month mark as Husband and Wife and I cannot believe how fast time is flying!

I have heard from a few of you asking me to blog about my most perfect day and that will be coming soon!

Another super exciting thing for me- I have been working more and more in the beauty realm of things and have partnered with some AMAZING makeup artist to bring more editorial works to you all.

Lastly- I am just humbled and honored that you all are choosing me to photograph your most precious moments and that I get to share in on your love story. THANK YOU!

Here’s to another RADIANT year!

Stay Radiant