Countdown to Wedded Bliss | Wedding tips and planning

Hi friends!! 

In the midst of all the beautiful celebrations of love that I get to document as a wedding photographer, I'm also enjoying being engaged and the wedding planning process. Yup! just like you- I'm all over Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and in every bridal magazine that hits the stands looking for inspiration. Anyone else's Pinterest wedding about 10 million dollars and covered in bling? *sends a virtual high five* I know I'm not alone! 

My love and I are almost at the one year engagement mark and our real countdown begins *insert shocked emoji face* and also *heart eyes emoji* , so I decided to do a mini series here over the course of a few weeks that covers the basics and essentially everything you are doing as you gear up for your big day! 

If you have some topics you'd like for me to chat about please drop me a line and I'll drop my stunner :) 

Love you Hus-bae 

He did good ya'll :) 

He did good ya'll :)