Editorial Maternity Session | Maryland Maternity Photographer

Journeying to motherhood is one of the most life altering experiences one could endure. Everyones journey is different but many are filled with a number of emotions that range from fear and anxiety to overjoyed and prepared.

*Queue Carl Thomas’ Emotional*

As a mother, one of the things I decided to do in preparation of my little bundle of joy was document exciting times along the way; confirmation of the viable pregnancy, the first ultrasound, the anatomy scan, the first time I felt kicks, etc. The most important thing I decided to do during my pregnancy was a maternity shoot to celebrate the new life growing inside of me. Having done my own session and then being able to document women on their own journeys has been such a beautiful honor.

I was able to celebrate Shainna, a beautiful mom to be and a past radiant imagery bride, and her little princess in a stunning in-home session.

Take a peak below.

From Bump to Baby | Maryland Maternity and Newborn Photographer

It is such an honor to document new beginnings for others, be it weddings or births or new business ventures or even a new hair cut. The excitement of the time cannot be contained and I get the pleasure of capturing each magic moment all the while, cheering you on from behind my camera! 

My lovely friend Kelsey *hi Kelsey* and her middle school sweetheart, Derrick, were recently welcomed into parenthood and I got the awesome privilege of documenting a number of their milestones (maternity, baby shower, fresh 48 and a formal newborn session). 

Here are a few of my faves of these awesome new parents and their bundle of joy.

#TheJoysOfMotherhood - Maryland Maternity Milk Bath Photography

When Charlyn discovered that she was being blessed with a baby boy after her two princesses, she decided to have an intimate in-home maternity session with a little extra!  We worked together to develop a mood board that would capture all the things she would want (Gotta love Pinterest!) We came across such gorgeous images and then we saw stunning Milk Bath Maternity images. Charlyn fell in love! With a little help from Google we found a simple way to get the perfect recipe! 

  1. Fill the tub up with warm water to your desired level - water gets displaced when you step into it. (make sure it is warm enough for the client and that it can balance out the coolness of the milk)
  2. Add a gallon of whole milk.
  3. Add coffee creamer or powder milk for you desired color and opacity. Whisk it around to remove the chunks.
  4. Step into the tub.
  5. Have the photographer strategically place real flowers of your choice around you. It's important to have real flowers because they float in the milky water.
  6. Last step, be flawless and enjoy this nourishing bath like the Goddess you are :) 

Here are some of favorite images of her session and of course featuring her milk bath