Ruth & Hasan | Charming Baltimore Backyard Celebration

Ruth and Hasan recently decided to celebrate their elopement with a small gathering of their closest family and friends. Ruth is local to Baltimore and Hasan's family live in Jordan. The pair met while attending Washington College on Maryland's Eastern Shore. The union between Ruth and Hasan is authentic and their love is evident. The tone for this day and this union was "fiercely family"; honoring Ruth's beloved mother, joining two families and celebrating this new journey. The two received an outpour of love, happy tears, and support in the backyard of Ruth's family home. Here are a few images from their beautiful day. 

Shainna & Marcus | Beautiful Baltimore Elopement

For Shainna and Marcus, their wedding date was no coincidence. The stunning couple chose the date of July 7, 2017 (7-7-17) for the luckiness of the triple 7 and the biblical meaning of completeness and perfection. No luck was needed and their day was nothing short of perfect. The two decided on an intimate courthouse elopement in Baltimore with 7 of their closest family and friends (they were even blessed with additional luck as they received the letter 'G' -7th letter in the alphabet, as their place holder.)

Shainna and Marcus' love story dates back to December 2014 when they were introduced to one another through their separate work colleagues who are married. Marcus, as single father, had seen a group photo that his to be wife was in and was attracted to her instantly; Shainna reciprocated the feeling and began to correspond with Marcus. They courted for some time but the pair officially began dating months later. Shainna and Marcus' courtship began during the 2015 Baltimore Uprising and sparked out of the concern she had for him in the line of duty.  Marcus noticed her loving nature and has been head over heels since then. 

Marcus proposed to Shainna immediately after commencement of her Masters Degree from Bowie State University in May of 2016; she was in complete shock! 


Hi Love bugs! 

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