Planning for an engagement session | Maryland wedding photographer

Hi Friends! 

As I chronicle my personal process down the aisle I wanted to share something that you'd be able to benefit from- planning and preparing for your engagement session. 

After you've searched and searched and searched again,  you've found the photographer that speaks to your style and the way you envision your big day to be documented. You look over their website, Instagram, Facebook page, Google page, and Pinterest, and decide this is it! They have to be a part of my love story.  You complete the necessary documentation and then move onto step 1: The engagement session.

For me and my Fiancé, we are a modern chic couple that loves to have fun but are also very focused and driven. So we looked for a photographer with similar qualities to us: produces great images, down to earth/personable vibe and overall just fun to be around. We want people around us who are going to add joy to our big day and moments leading up to it as well as make out day seamless. We want vendors who understand our needs, our vision and our love. 

After deciding on our wedding photographer, we started to correspond with them frequently to share the vision of our engagement session: look, location, day/time, overall vibe. One way we really communicated what we were looking for was by creating a look book or vision board using Pinterest. We created a pinning board, found images we loved, and invited our photographer. 

Then it came down to the actual visuals. As I am a planner, I broke down everything I need: Hairsyle, Makeup, Outfit.  Below you can see what I used to create the vision I wanted for myself.