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One major aspect of the wedding planning process is deciding who is going to stand by your side on your big day and help you turn up on the moments leading up to it! 

Me personally, I struggled so much with this because I have an amazing group of girlfriends! Honestly all my friends are lit and so amazing and I LOVE EACH AND EVERYONE OF THEM. I went to an all girls boarding high school, so my friends from high school are my sisters. 

I knew for sure that my amazingly brilliant and beautiful sister in law was going to be my Matron of Honor. She has been in my life since I was 8 years old! Thats almost 20 years. She's supported me and seen me through lots of major life events. Love her! She keeps me on pace and calm.

After solidifying her and her role- then came the challenging part. I have a group of best friends, a GROUP. As much as I wanted to have all 25 of my closest most cherished friends I had to choose only 8 women to match up with my fiance's fraternity line brothers. So I sat long and hard, thought and thought and thought some more. Who could I not envision my day without? Who can I rely on for this next step? Who is going to keep me covered in prayer?  Who is going to make me laugh? And who would be reliable in the midst of all they have going on in their own lives to make time for me? When I finally stopped and thought about my friends and what they meant to me it became so easy and so clear. 

Choosing bridesmaids is not about who you've know the longest, its about choosing the ones who were/are there for you, the ones whose bonds are the most meaningful, the ones you love no matter what, the ones who don't judge you, the ones who listen, the ones where you see them and don't even have to speak but are communicating anyway, the ones you need for whatever reason, the ones that make you laugh with one word, a gif, a meme or a look, and the ones who are there when you need them no matter how long its been since you last spoke.

In my group of bridesmaids I have everything I need and then some; and  I have an even larger group of best friends who support me through and through! (I LOVE YOU BEAUTIES! -Shoutout to my middle school friends: Sarah!!, Dom/Dani, My Madeira sisters: Bree H, Lina, Justine, Haile, Bree Rob, Andrade, Janet, Renee, Taylor D, Mia, Stuart, (oh my gosh its so many more of you I need to name)-my college friends: Ivon/Aidi, and my work friends- who've become sisters) * just forgive me if I've accidentally missed you*

Say hello to my bridesmaids- #IssaSnackPack

These beauties are everything to me. I love them! They are all so smart, talented, FUNNY, supportive, loving and amazing. So blessed to have them

#WorthTheWait2016- Romantic Washington D.C. Wedding

LaShaunda and Michael were a long time in the making! These two lovebirds have been knowing each other for over 20 years and have been together for about 15 year of those years. The couple had a beautiful wedding and reception at the Carnegie Institution of science with their 2 children, closest friends and family. Their wedding theme was a simple elegant romance with lots of candlelight and bling! 


Hi Love bugs! 

I’m Jocelyn Renae. The photo-chic behind Radiant Imagery. I have a tiny secret... I’m blogging for the first time ever y'all (this is such a big step). Funny thing is I’m not a writer by far. However, I’m trying new things. I am so excited to share with you. I’m a Jersey Native but call Baltimore my home now. I've been living in the Maryland/Virginia area for a while- I attended an all girls boarding school in Northern Virginia and have a degree in Sociology from a small liberal arts school in Maryland. I have found my passion in serving others through photography. What I love most about photography is meeting new people! It gives me a sense of connection. I’m engaged to my best friend and he’s my biggest supporter. We are parents to a super smart and fun loving 1 ½ year old baby boy. He is our world. We enjoy DYI projects; taking family road trips (just the three of us), eating delicious food, and loving on our family and friends. I truly value family, love, and experiences. You should know that Hazelnut iced coffee is my favorite. Call me! Let’s have a coffee date. S’mores and Oreos are some of my beloved treats. 

Photography captured my heart long ago. I held my first camera in the 4th grade. It was a Kodak disposable, (wow I am dating myself). As I got older my love for the art of photography grew immensely. I enjoy encapsulating timeless moments of love and life that can be forever preserved for a generation to come. You know…. the ones that make your heart sing. Above all, I love to celebrate the beauty of love.  

As a wedding photographer and creative my goal is to help guide you through your photographic experience as a friend and supporter. And of course create beautiful pictures of your engagement and the best day of your life…..your wedding day. 

The purpose of this blog is to inspire, motivate, and educate. Each week I’ll share a recent photo session (because I love to share my client’s beautiful art work), or an inspirational posts to inspire you, or happenings from my life. I’ll be kicking things off with my bridal experiences. I’m getting married next year and I want to share all that I have learned thus far, in the hopes to help you amazing brides though an exciting time in your life. In the meantime, join me on Instagram for recent happenings.


Radiate love and positivity,

Jocelyn Renae