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Happy April- Happy Fresh Start- Happy New Year?

Happy New Year seems so appropriate as i’ve had my head down working like a mad woman for the first quarter of 2019!

Feels like its been F O R E V E R since I last checked in and soo many amazing things have transpired since then!

One main thing is I AM MARRIED! Yes- i jumped the broom with the love of my life and newly wed bliss is still in full effect. We are quickly approaching our 6 month mark as Husband and Wife and I cannot believe how fast time is flying!

I have heard from a few of you asking me to blog about my most perfect day and that will be coming soon!

Another super exciting thing for me- I have been working more and more in the beauty realm of things and have partnered with some AMAZING makeup artist to bring more editorial works to you all.

Lastly- I am just humbled and honored that you all are choosing me to photograph your most precious moments and that I get to share in on your love story. THANK YOU!

Here’s to another RADIANT year!

Stay Radiant



Radiant Jewel tone Wedding at The Liriodendron Mansion | Maryland Wedding Photographer

Two years ago when I first began my journey in to photography as a business and not just a hobby I set out to execute a Styled Shoot. My good friend Elena from Belle Imagery Portraits was in the midst of hosting her very first one and invited me to tag along. I was amazed! Watching her behind the scenes inspired me to begin planning my own. I thought long and hard about what I wanted to do and after months and months of thinking I finally knew decided on the concept. 

As a bride to be myself, I know that featuring a woman of color was the highest priority for this styled shoot. Diversity and inclusion in the wedding industry is ever growing and I wanted to highlight more of the couples that are underrepresented in various forms (size, race, ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation to name a few). From there I decided that I wanted to play off the richness of the color Emerald as green is my favorite color and BOOM! there was my plan.  

As the brilliant Issa Rae stated, we need to work with our colleagues who are in lateral positions to us; not the ones above- so I called on some vendors who are slightly seasoned in the industry to be bring the full vision to life. 

I am so in love with this first shoot and I am so thankful for those who believed and supported this dream of mine. We were so fortunate to even have a mini feature on Souther Noir Weddings Blog. 

Huge thank you to all the vendors

Bridal gown: K & B Bridals http://www.kandbbridals.com

Cake: Cakes by Kakes https://www.instagram.com/cakesbykakes/

Venue location : The Liriodendron Mansion http://www.liriodendron.com

Flowers:  Roni’s Roses http://www.ronisroses.com

Make Up: Lashing Out Glam by Shayla Reeves https://www.instagram.com/lashingoutglam/

Stationery : Cygnus Studio Designs/AshleyRae Swann https://www.instagram.com/calligraphydame/

Veil/Accessories/Jewelry: Faye Daniel Design http://www.fayedanieldesigns.com

Rentals: Party Plus Tents and Rentals https://tenting.com

Linen: Nuage http://nuagedesigns.com

Model: Charlyn Nater https://www.instagram.com/iamcharlynnater/ 


Here are some of my favorite images below! 

#TheJoysOfMotherhood - Maryland Maternity Milk Bath Photography

When Charlyn discovered that she was being blessed with a baby boy after her two princesses, she decided to have an intimate in-home maternity session with a little extra!  We worked together to develop a mood board that would capture all the things she would want (Gotta love Pinterest!) We came across such gorgeous images and then we saw stunning Milk Bath Maternity images. Charlyn fell in love! With a little help from Google we found a simple way to get the perfect recipe! 

  1. Fill the tub up with warm water to your desired level - water gets displaced when you step into it. (make sure it is warm enough for the client and that it can balance out the coolness of the milk)
  2. Add a gallon of whole milk.
  3. Add coffee creamer or powder milk for you desired color and opacity. Whisk it around to remove the chunks.
  4. Step into the tub.
  5. Have the photographer strategically place real flowers of your choice around you. It's important to have real flowers because they float in the milky water.
  6. Last step, be flawless and enjoy this nourishing bath like the Goddess you are :) 

Here are some of favorite images of her session and of course featuring her milk bath





Hi Lovies!!! 

It's Gemini Season! So this past Thursday was my birthday and I'm so blessed to see another year! Birthdays are such a big deal to me because it's an opportunity for a rebirth or rebranding and a celebration of your journey from the year before. I actually love my birthdate (6/1) because it's smack dab in the middle of the year, so I get to evaluate the previous months and make a plan for the ones ahead. And did i mention that I share my special say with two iconic American figures: Marilyn Monroe and Morgan Freeman! 

For my birthday this year I took off from my 9-5, participated in a boot camp class and spent time with my beautiful family; but I also took a moment to reflect on the year. In 2016, 3 Major moments happened to me. 

In 2016 I celebrated being a mom for a full year-that in itself is major. People always say parenting will change your life and if totally has! It's been a challenging and eye opening experience with much reward. I have learned so much from my little guy and I'm truly blessed by his presence

The love of my life and my best friend, proposed to me and asked for my hand in marriage! It was such an an intimate and meaningful experience and yes, planning has commenced! (I'd love to hear what you all are planning for your big day)

Last but definitely not least, I started Radiant Imagery by Jocelyn Renae! This moment was a giant step in fulfilling the desires of my heart. Photography has been a passion of mine for a loooonnnggg time and having the courage and the support of my family pushed me to follow my dreams. In this short time in business I have met some amazing people who have given me a chance and trusted me with the magical moments in their life and I'm so appreciative of them. 

I indulged myself with a couple of self portraits and yummy macaroons !





Hi Love bugs! 

I’m Jocelyn Renae. The photo-chic behind Radiant Imagery. I have a tiny secret... I’m blogging for the first time ever y'all (this is such a big step). Funny thing is I’m not a writer by far. However, I’m trying new things. I am so excited to share with you. I’m a Jersey Native but call Baltimore my home now. I've been living in the Maryland/Virginia area for a while- I attended an all girls boarding school in Northern Virginia and have a degree in Sociology from a small liberal arts school in Maryland. I have found my passion in serving others through photography. What I love most about photography is meeting new people! It gives me a sense of connection. I’m engaged to my best friend and he’s my biggest supporter. We are parents to a super smart and fun loving 1 ½ year old baby boy. He is our world. We enjoy DYI projects; taking family road trips (just the three of us), eating delicious food, and loving on our family and friends. I truly value family, love, and experiences. You should know that Hazelnut iced coffee is my favorite. Call me! Let’s have a coffee date. S’mores and Oreos are some of my beloved treats. 

Photography captured my heart long ago. I held my first camera in the 4th grade. It was a Kodak disposable, (wow I am dating myself). As I got older my love for the art of photography grew immensely. I enjoy encapsulating timeless moments of love and life that can be forever preserved for a generation to come. You know…. the ones that make your heart sing. Above all, I love to celebrate the beauty of love.  

As a wedding photographer and creative my goal is to help guide you through your photographic experience as a friend and supporter. And of course create beautiful pictures of your engagement and the best day of your life…..your wedding day. 

The purpose of this blog is to inspire, motivate, and educate. Each week I’ll share a recent photo session (because I love to share my client’s beautiful art work), or an inspirational posts to inspire you, or happenings from my life. I’ll be kicking things off with my bridal experiences. I’m getting married next year and I want to share all that I have learned thus far, in the hopes to help you amazing brides though an exciting time in your life. In the meantime, join me on Instagram for recent happenings.


Radiate love and positivity,

Jocelyn Renae